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The Milagro* Foundation 
is dedicated to supporting organizations that 
aid and empower women and children 
through education and health care initiatives 
in areas of severe need around the world.
*Milagro: Spanish word for miracle
About the Milagro Foundation:
  • Each year the Milagro Foundations selects existing or start-up project(s) in the area of health and/or education in areas/regions of severe need.
  • Sustainability and self-funding initiatives will be promoted whenever possible.  100% of proceeds are received by the sponsored project(s). 

Projects selected for funding / support meet some or all of the following selection criteria:
  • Sponsor / enable existing or startup programs
  • Locals helping locals
  • Sustainability / self-funding initiatives
  • Scalable / duplicable
  • Education and/or health initiatives
  • Initiatives aimed at children and women as a priority
  • Areas / regions of severe need
For more information contact:
Denver, Colorado USA
EIN 01-0929611     501(c) (3) non-profit charity
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